Debunking Lies and Myths

Debunking Lies and Myths

Friday, February 14, 2014


Introduction to this blog
Without having to go into quantum theory to cast doubt on what appears to us as reality, we need to question everything in our everyday life - if only as an exercise in personal independence and survival.
This need is innate in us.  Remember how as little kids we drove adults crazy with our insistent question "Why" to everything?  At some point we were simply told this was rude. 
The fable of the little boy who said the emperor wore no clothes is an exception in a social and literary web thick with childhood indoctrination to submit and comply.
Schools told us to rely on authorities - teachers, writers, and government, among others - to make up our minds on what was real, true, and good.
The construction of our reality as we were growing up was helped by popular music, movies, books, other people, and the media. 
By the time we reached adolescence we thought we were being rebellious, original and independent, when actually most of the time we were just simply echoing other voices, not our own.
Growing up and maturing is harder than it seems.  It's not something taking place in the background while we're busy living and learning.  It's a truly transformative process that wires and rewires our brain throughout our lives. 
This blog is an effort to work on my own ongoing transformation, and I hope that the sample of articles I'll be posting here will help you question the narrative that people in power are so keen to impose on all of us. 
I'll be focusing on the case of Israel a lot because it is a subject that is full of historical significance. 
World War II and the Holocaust exposed human nature - including the noble and the base, lucidity and self-deception, often existing simultaneously in individuals in ways that are lessons for us all. 
Who and what are we?  The study of those years are a good and practical way to start.   Cut through all the reams of scientific and philosophical studies, and read about those real people so close to us in time and space.
Society's handling of events during and after the Holocaust is a disturbing example of how precarious "civilization" really is.  The human dark side is there, always looming, only one step away from taking over our decision making - needing only a little bit of rationalization to unleash the unthinkable. 
The case of the world against Israel is a disturbing example of how horrors begin.  The lessons of the 1930s and 40s have already been discarded.  Not forgotten, just simply set aside. Here we go again, as lies and half-truths mount forming a truly formidable monster of hate and destruction.
Unlike the 30s and the 40s, this monster has now learned to disguise itself behind a false face of "humanitarianism".   That's all the "rationalization" that our post-World War II civilization needs to exercise the atavistic need to attack "the other" - conveniently the Jews, already the target of hatred, persecution, torture and murder for two thousand years. 

As Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harpers said  recently, attacks on Israel are often only a more refined way of attacking the Jews.
As you read the articles I will be posting here, I hope you will realize how the plan to dismantle Israel started even before the country had been reconstituted in 1948.  The Arabs who were living on the land at that time became pawns in a much larger international plot to destroy Israel - and eventually the Jews.  
The history of how this is being done is full of shocking surprises, as will be demonstrated by articles that lift the veil of deception. 

Sadly, some of those harming Israel and threatening the survival of the country are Jews themselves, motivated by self-deception, by leftist ideology, and other reasons.  This is all part of the human tragedy we need to understand.  We'll have to break illusions to get closer to the truth.

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