Debunking Lies and Myths

Debunking Lies and Myths

Saturday, February 15, 2014


MYTH - Jews get favorable treatment by police and the courts.  In fact it is Jews who are at a disadvantage.

The following is not an unusual occurrence.  Police have in the past characterized clear acts of road terror as "accidents". Arab truck drivers deliberately cross into the opposite lane to strike Jewish cars full of children.  The drivers' excuses are risible, but pro-Arab police and pro-Arab judges pretend to believe them.
There is a leftist element in Israel that sympathizes with Arab terrorists.  They have been educated by leftist teachers and professors, and read the leftist media.  In their own way they do their part in undermining the law and the state - and the security of the country.  
Here is the case of an obvious murder.  Six empty bullet shells at the site were enough evidence.  But not to police and the pro-Arab court system. 
Contrary to allegations, Israel has fully integrated Israeli Arabs into all kinds of jobs, particularly as police, court lawyers and judges.  But this attitude is not due to Arabs in those jobs alone.  Plenty of leftist Jewish Israelis have attained posts of influence from which they can sabotage justice and security.

Police 'Bungled' Investigation of Rabbi’s Murder

State Comptroller’s report highly critical of police in case of terrorist attack written off as suicide.

By Maayana Miskin for Israel National News, Arutz Sheva
Rabbi Moshe Talbi
Rabbi Moshe Talbi
Photo INN, courtesy of the family
The State Comptroller has issued a strong condemnation of police behavior in the investigation of the death of Rabbi Moshe Talbi.
Rabbi Talbi, 54, a father of seven, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his car nearly three years ago, outside the Israeli community of Revava in Samaria. Despite evidence indicating that he had been murdered – including the presence of six bullet shells in his car – police insisted that the rabbi had committed suicide.
Police only agreed to reopen the case after the family hired a private pathologist, and took her findings to Knesset, where they gathered support among MKs for further investigation. A second investigation indicated that Rabbi Talbi may have been murdered by terrorists.
Due to their erroneous assumption, police officers failed to conduct basic tests that could have helped find the killers, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira stated.
“Various examinations that are required in any investigation of a death of this kind were not carried out,” he wrote.
“They did not check for fingerprints or take DNA samples from the Rabbi’s car, his clothing was not examined, a picture of the scene was not taken immediately, but rather, only much later, no pathologist was brought to the scene, and there was no analysis of the blood pattern at the scene.  The bullet that was left at the scene was not located, and security cameras were not checked,” he noted.
“The fact that police reached the conclusion that it was a suicide before completing the investigation meant they did not conduct critical tests which could have shed light on the circumstances of the death,” he charged.
Attorney Shmuel Lankry, Rabbi Talbi’s brother-in-law, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the case. He noted that police had insisted Rabbi Talbi’s death was a suicide despite the complete lack of evidence that the rabbi had been depressed, and despite tell-tale signs of a violent struggle in the car.
In addition, he said, a nearby security camera – which police failed to check – showed two suspicious figures in the area shortly before the rabbi’s death.
Lankry said police had hidden evidence that contradicted the suicide theory, including the presence of DNA that did not belong to Rabbi Talbi on the trigger of the gun that killed him.
He noted that the State Comptroller had also taken police to task for the way in which officers broke the news of Rabbi Talbi’s death to his son Netanel. Police first summoned Netanel Talbi for investigation, and only after he arrived told him his father was dead.
“The son called his father to tell him he had been summoned for investigation and didn’t know why, but there was no father to answer him,” Lankry said.

The comptroller condemned officers’ behavior in the incident as “unreasonable” and “insensitive.” He rejected to argument made by police that their goal had been to investigate quickly, saying, “Even if Netanel’s help was needed in the investigation, it could have been sought in a more appropriate, more sensitive manner.”

The Talbi family is not seeking revenge, Lankry noted. The family simply wishes to avoid any similar scenarios in the future, he said.  “This is a matter of public interest.”

He noted that the police behavior exhibited after Rabbi Talbi’s death was not a one-off event.

Following the deaths of Asher Palmer and his infant son Yonatan, police wrote off the incident as a car crash caused by careless driving. Only the family’s protests, and the fact that Asher’s gun had been stolen from the scene, led police to investigate further and to conclude that the two had been murdered by terrorists, Lankry recalled.

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Archive on police abuse in Israel

The case of Asher Palmer and baby son mentioned above
Clear evidence of a deliberate attack was a large rock that had been thrown inside the vehicle.
Police pretended not to see it, except that a passerby had taken a photograph of the scene that showed the bloodied rock that had hit Mr. Palmer's head, who then lost control of the vehicle.  
Throwing rocks at Jewish motorists is a daily activity for Arabs of all ages, which has been so far largely disregarded by Israeli authorities, in spite of the fact that there have been injuries and deaths from rock attacks.

November 25, 2011: 
Israel Police Chief:  "car accident" was terror attack, after all

Asher and Yonatan Palmer
Asher and Yonatan Palmer
Palmer family
Israel Police Chief Yochanan Danino has confirmed that the victims of a tragic car crash Friday were murdered by terrorists, Channel 2 television reported Sunday afternoon. Previously, police stated that the crash was caused by driver error and was definitely not the result of an attack.  The dramatic change in approach followed a meeting Saturday night on autopsy findings in the deaths of the two victims, 25-year-old Asher Palmer and his infant son Yehonatan.

Arutz Sheva has obtained a document detailing findings from the scene of the crash. Among the evidence that at first failed, for unknown reasons, to convince police that terrorists may have been involved:
A hole in the front windshield of the car, a massive rock found in the front seat with human blood on it, a tear in fabric of the steeling wheel cover and dust indicating a blow from the rock, and damage to Asher Palmer's face suggesting an impact unrelated to the crash.
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Even when the perpetrators are convicted, it's only a matter of time till the government releases hundreds Arab prisoners from jail, many of them actual terrorists and murderers.  Therefore there's no incentive for Arabs to restrain their violence.

The United States government pressures Israel to release more and more terrorists and praises their release

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