Debunking Lies and Myths

Debunking Lies and Myths

Friday, October 28, 2016

BRITISH BETRAYAL OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE - WHY did Britain fight so hard to prevent the rebirth of ISRAEL? - BOOK REVIEW "THE RAPE OF PALESTINE" - Britain continues to this day to fund and empower Palestinian Arabs determined to eventually exterminate Jews and dismantle Israel

  • Although historians and popular culture tend to lay most of the blame for the Holocaust on German Nazis, in fact the Nazis counted on the collaboration of many nations in Europe and elsewhere in the genocide of Jews.  
  • The slaughter of six million Jews was a collaborative international effort.
  • After 1945  the supposedly de-Nazified German government has led to this day an active movement to undermine Israel, and to support and fund the Palestinian Arabs.  And so have other EU governments. 
  • Europeans have contracted out the Arabs for the completion of what Hitler left undone. 
  • An empowered Palestinian Arab population with a state of their own, and a weakened and shrunk Israel is the insidious formula for Holocaust Part II - and they all know it.
  • The British have always been intensely anti-Semitic and, although they've been lauded for playing such a key role in resisting and fighting the Nazis, they endeavored to keep Jews out of Britain AND Palestine during the war, thereby ensuring that they would be slaughtered by the Germans in the millions. 
  • Image result for images BRITISH  REFUGEE CAMPS FOR JEWSAfter the end of World War II the British even imprisoned Holocaust survivors for years in refugee camps behind barbed wire, to make sure they did not return to their ancestral land in Israel.  (See photo on the right.)
  • To this day the British and the rest of Europe enthusiastically sympathize with the genocidal Palestinian Arabs who, by the way, were close allies of Hitler.   
  • As Britain continues to be colonized by Muslims, its foreign policy is bound to get even more anti-Israel. 
  • The British Labour Party is blatantly anti-Semitic.  It is headed by a self-hating Jew, and supported by the anti-Semitic left and the UK Muslim population.
  • Whatever our personal views on the conflict, we should remember that it is NOT between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, but between Jews and Muslims, and between tiny Israel and 1.7 BILLION Muslims. 
  • Jews have been persecuted and massacred by Muslims for 14 centuries, long before the reconstituted State of Israel.  
  • Israel's three major defensive wars for survival (48, 67, 73) were between a few million Jews (six million at the last census) and a coalition of Arab countries representing hundreds of millions of genocidal Muslims. 
The British betrayal of the Jewish people

By Abu Yehuda (Vic Rosenthal)

Even after the war, when the evil consequences of its policies should have been clear, when Germany herself began to recognize her obligation to what was left of the Jewish people, Britain continued to fight against the establishment of a Jewish state, battling attempts to resettle Jewish refugees, even arming and providing military advisors to the Arab armies that in 1948 tried to finish the job Hitler started.
Today the “discovery” of Jew-hatred among British politicians, particularly in the Labour Party, is news. But the relationship of the Jews to Albion, since the citizens of York wiped out their Jewish community in 1190, hasn’t been smooth.
Recently, I read a review by Sheree Roth of a neglected 1938 book, William B. Ziff’s      The Rape of Palestine.  (Posted on this page further on.)
Although Roth is primarily concerned with the (very important and persuasive) evidence in Ziff’s book refuting the Arab claim to be the “original” or “indigenous” inhabitants of the Land of Israel, the book is primarily concerned with the history of the British Mandatory power over Palestine.  
The British betrayal of the Jewish people must be reckoned as one of the great crimes of the 20th century. Entrusted with the Mandate to ultimately make possible a Jewish National Home, Britain instead fought its realization tooth and nail, ultimately becoming complicit in the Nazi Holocaust.
Even after the war, when the evil consequences of its policies should have been clear, when Germany herself began to recognize her obligation to what was left of the Jewish people, Britain continued to fight against the establishment of a Jewish state, battling attempts to resettle Jewish refugees, even arming and providing military advisors to the Arab armies that in 1948 tried to finish the job Hitler started.
Everyone knows about the series of White Papers issued by the Mandatory Government, which progressively limited Jewish immigration, culminating in the MacDonald White Paper of 1939 which – just as the furnaces of the Holocaust were about to be lit – effectively closed the doors of Palestine to Jews and doomed millions to destruction.
But Ziff explains how, long before 1939, British authorities used every bureaucratic device possible to reduce the number of Jews allowed into the country, while completely overlooking the uncontrolled immigration of Arabs who flocked in to take advantage of the jobs created by the Zionists. “Illegal” Jews were hunted down and punished.
Continue reading Abu Yehuda's article, the ME Quarterly article from where he quotes, as well as other related items.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

ISRAEL AND PALESTINE, A BRIEF STORY OF TWO STATES, one a successful one, the other mired in hate, violence, and corruption unable to take off the ground

Some people just can't be helped 

By Vic Rosenthal

When the Zionists began to build the yishuv, the enterprise that would become the Jewish state, they had to develop an economy, a political system, an army for defense, a legal system, an educational system, a transportation network, a postal service, and countless other things.
They got help, first from wealthy benefactors like Montefiore and Rothschild, and later – when they needed to resettle hundreds of thousands of often penniless refugees from the Holocaust and, later, from the Muslim world – from organized appeals in the Diaspora.
In a highly controversial arrangement, Holocaust survivors in Israel also received billions as reparations from Germany (the state also received several hundreds of millions).
The Jews created cooperative enterprises in every economic sphere which enabled them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, despite a war of independence in which they lost 1% of their population, and massive immigration.
Later they surprised the world by repeatedly defeating their more numerous enemies, and little by little transformed their economy to a more entrepreneurial model. Today Israel, despite the challenges, is a remarkable success, economically, socially and culturally. Not perfect, but still a remarkable success.
Despite what people think, Israel does not receive non-military aid from the US, and only modest amounts of money from Diaspora charities. Indeed, many Israelis think we can and should end the military aid, which comes with many strings attached.
Now let’s look at another group that ostensibly aspires to a state, the ‘Palestinians’.
Take the Gaza Strip, with 1.8 million residents, 72% of them with refugee status, wards of the international dole. There is no economy to speak of, except that created by UNRWA which feeds and educates its population with funds provided primarily by the US and Europe, and Hamas, which manufactures rockets, digs attack tunnels and prepares for war.
This population is rapidly growing; it is expected to reach 2.1 million by 2020, with a fertility rate of 4.2 children per woman (a conservative estimate). For comparison, the fertility rate among Arabs in Judea and Samaria is only 2.8. 21% of Gazans are between the ages of 15 and 24, and 64% under 25.
This huge ‘youth bulge’ combined with a lack of employment, is a guarantee of continued violence. And it is all paid for by the West, which, through UNRWA’s welfare policies, incentivizes Gazans to have children. Welfare costs for Palestinians increase every year, along with the population.
The West went along with Arab demands to prevent any resettlement of ‘Palestinian refugees’ and the UN granted refugee status to anyone who lived in pre-state Palestine for as little as two years – and to all their descendents in perpetuum, something done for no other refugee population.
99% of UNRWA employees are Palestinians, and the curriculum in UNRWA schools is aimed at keeping alive the narrative of Arab dispossession and dishonor that fuels the conflict. UNRWA does not ameliorate the conflict, it nourishes it.
Consider also the Arabs of Judea and Samaria, the great majority of whom live under the control of the Palestinian Authority. The PA, like UNRWA, is totally dependent on American and European money.
The PA burns through most of the more than $1 billion a year it receives on corruption and its multiple ‘security forces’ (which sometimes engage in terrorism).
It also disburses large payments to the families of prisoners in Israeli jails for security offenses, and to families of ‘martyrs’, including suicide bombers. The PA and its official media continue to incite violence and murder of Jews, and treat terrorists as heroes.
Large monopolies, like cement and telecommunications are in the hands of PA insiders. Crime is rampant and economic activity is stunted.
Both Israel and the Palestinians received injections of capital from abroad. Israel used it to help build the infrastructure of a state, and turn her refugees into productive citizens.
The Palestinian Arab leaders stole much of the money, nurtured their people’s hatred and created a permanent class of stateless refugees as an army to fight Israel. Indeed, even if a Palestinian state were created in the territories, the refugees would not be welcome in it, because according to Palestinian dogma, the only way to stop being a refugee is to ‘return’ to ‘your home’ in Israel!
When the international community gave the Palestinians money for building infrastructure like waste treatment plants or power stations, they built mansions for PA and Hamas officials.
Hamas took cement for rebuilding homes after the last war and used it to line attack tunnels. The only area in which they have shown any initiative is getting attention by killing people.
Do you see the difference here? The Jews really wanted a state. They were ready to sacrifice and struggle for it. They took advantage of the aid that was available and used it to build something. The Arabs aren’t even trying. All they want is to destroy our state.
The ‘Palestinians’ have contributed nothing to the world except violent terrorism since they invented themselves in order to oppose Jewish sovereignty some 60 years ago. It’s time to start weaning them off welfare. If they can switch from stabbing to state-building, then they should go for it. In any case, the world can’t afford to keep feeding them.
This column originally appeared on author's Vic Rosenthal's website, Abu Yehuda

Thursday, March 24, 2016

EXPOSED: THE UK ENCOURAGED GENOCIDAL ARAB ATTACK ON ISRAEL back in 1948 - And to this day it continues to support those same aims under the guise of "land for peace"

Intelligence obtained by the French secret services in the Middle East sheds new light on Britain’s role in the Arab-Israeli War of Independence.
British Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin.
British Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin

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  • And read brief outline of the War of Independence by historian Netanel Lorch
September 11, 1947. On the eve of the Arab League’s political committee meeting to decide on the Arab response to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) report [supporting the end of the British mandate and partitioning the land between Jews and Arabs], the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient published an article.

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