Debunking Lies and Myths

Debunking Lies and Myths

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

THERE WAS NEVER A COUNTRY CALLED WEST BANK or Palestine - THE ORIGIN OF THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION MYTH, by legal expert Dr Howard Grief - The problem of national BETRAYAL by the Israeli elite

  • There was never a country called West Bank.
  • There was never a Palestinian people, only Arab clans originating from the Muslim occupation of the Middle East. 
  • Israel is in the ancient Jewish land of Judea and Samaria, as evidenced by history books and the Bible. 
  • Modern Israel comprises the area of the ancient Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judea, most of it liberated from Jordan in 1967 - today generally misnamed "occupied Palestinian territory".
    Judea and Samaria
    Jordan (originally called Transjordan) was a country ILLEGALLY created by the British in what was recognized by the League of Nations as the land of the Jewish people. 
  • After the Roman Empire conquest in the first century AD, Israel was subsequently occupied by the Arabs from the Arabian peninsula, and by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire, and finally, after World War I, by the British Empire as part of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. 
  • The land was renamed Palestine by the Romans, in order to erase all memory of Judea and Samaria and the Jews, the majority of whom were enslaved, or slaughtered, or dispersed through the world.  A few did remain, however, in the city of Jerusalem and other areas of the country.
  • The Romans eventually failed in their attempt, as the Bible became known world-wide, demonstrating ancient Jewish roots and ownership of the land.
  • After two thousand years of persecution and genocide, the Jews reconstituted their country in 1948. 
  • But the enemies of the Jews haven't given up, as they now call the area 'Palestine'.  
  • Unfortunately, many enemies of Israel are Jews themselves, as the following article illustrates.   
  • There is a mix of Marxists, socialists, anarchists, globalists, and anti-Semites in Israeli society, particularly in the media, academia, and the judicial and political system - all of them Jewish. 
  • Not every Jew lives proudly in Israel.  Some are descendants of European Jews who, before the Nazis came to power, had tried so hard to assimilate and discard their Jewish heritage to become true Europeans 
  • Others are infected by leftist ideology, and thus embrace the same Arabs who want to kill Jews and destroy their country.
  • They have wholeheartedly embraced the Palestinian cause and do everything in their power to undermine Israel's legitimacy and viability. 
  • You have heard about bad Jews such as George Soros.  Israel has that sort of Jews too, and have cause incalculable damage to the country.  Soros himself has been funding subversive organizations in Israel.
  • They are extremely influential, and much more so as they receive support and often considerable funding from anti-Semites in the European Union, mostly through foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations), of which there are about 400 in Israel. 
  • The US State Department - no matter who is in the presidency - wages its own diplomatic war against Israel from its consulate in the Arab-occupied part of Jerusalem. 
  • Obama is said to have instigated a recent United Nations resolution condemning construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. This has brought to the forefront once again the issue of Israel's legal sovereignty and ownership of the land. 
  • Every fatal decision that has undermined Israel was originated by one or a few individuals, but supported by many others with influence in the country because of ignorance, lack of vision, intimidation by those in power in Israel and abroad, and in some instances, to further their own malevolent agenda to weaken Israel.
  • The late Dr Howard Grief, author of this column, was Israel's most prominent expert on international law as it pertains Israeli legitimate ownership of Judea and Samaria, known by Israel's enemies as 'west bank'.  

The Origins of
the Occupation Myth

By Dr. Howard Grief 

Israel is always unjustly condemned by the United Nations as an occupier of “Arab land” in regard to Judea, Samaria and Gaza. 
This condemnation that has no basis in either fact or law. This pernicious myth has provided the UN with the necessary pretext to intervene constantly in the internal affairs of these Jewish lands.
Astonishing as it may seem, this myth was created by Israel’s own legal establishment: (1) the Supreme Court; (2) the Attorney-General’s Office; (3) the Ministry of Justice; (4) the International Law section of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and (5) the Law faculties of Israel’s universities.

The individual who bore the greatest responsibility for this myth was Meir Shamgar.  Shamgar was Military Advocate-General from 1961 to 1968, and later the Attorney-General of Israel and the President of the Supreme Court.
He was behind the decision made by Levi Eshkol’s National Unity Government during the Six Day War to apply not Israeli law but the laws of war to all the liberated Jewish territories, namely, the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.  
This application was completely inappropriate given the historical connection of these territories to the Jewish People and their legal inseparability from the Jewish National Home.
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